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In 2012, Jan-Oliver and Nicole Christine were introduced to each other by their mutual friends, Will and Cush Brinegar.

The first “chaperoned” date with Will Brinegar and Justin Jarski began with the official introduction at UP restaurant in Highland Village in Houston. Nicole was very intimidated to be the only female in the party that evening.

From there, more “group” dinner dates occurred for about a month. Jan-Oliver (finally) got Nicole’s phone number and asked her out on a “solo” date. Jan-Oliver made a bold choice of restaurants for the first date and took Nicole to his favourite place for some Indian food at Kiran’s. The gamble paid off; Nicole loved it. Let's just say that the 14th of the month became their special day, and Kiran’s Restaurant became their special place. They have since celebrated many mensaversaries there.

Named “The JaNic” by friend Justin Jarski, this Hollywood name just stuck!

The JaNic have shared many adventures together including trips to the BVI’s, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Ohio, California, as well as Texas road trips.

Their adventures tend to lead to food too. They love good cuisine so much... too much! They even dabble in the kitchen. In their spare time, they enjoy cooking dinner as well as baking goodies for the Holidays.

Jan's latest hobby is perfecting the ultimate The JaNic Bacon Habenero Vodka! We hope to share some at the wedding!