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When Nicole met Jan, Nicole’s life included her familiar, a purebred Persian cat named “Chako” (aka “Poo-Poo”). He was born on July 4th, 2003 in Colorado. He is an Independence baby all the way! This blue/white Persian furball is quite the character and loves to entertain and steal the show. His hobbies include sleeping, eating, watching squirrels and birds, drinking from the faucet, meowing, sniffing, and making biscuits! He is also a bit vain, requiring daily sessions with his personal make-up artist. See video below.

He is very expensive but worth every penny. Who cares if we have to cover our couches and replace our carpet? LOL.

Chako was somewhat excited to adopt Jan-Oliver Schmidt as his sugar daddy, but it was actually a love-hate sort of thing. Hence the “Poo-Poo” nickname .

Chako is pretty popular on social media. Follow him on his Facebook page: “The Cute Kitty Life”.